Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm Flipping Out!

Yep that's right, it's August and I'm excited to be flipping my accounting classroom this year. I hope that all of the kids will: 1. Complete homework 2. Gain a greater understanding of accounting concepts 3. Enjoy the learning process. After listening to the research and ideas of fellow educators @dmoss and @i_teach_history, I was convinced that completing what used to be done at home, in school and doing what used to be done in school, at home, had many advantages.

I wasn't totally convinced right away, as the one question I kept asking myself was what if the student didn't do their homework. Well, I've decided that is totally up to the students. However, I do believe that most students would rather come to class with the lecture already watched and get to collaborate on problems with other students and myself, than sit in a corner and watch the lecture by themselves. At least this is the theory that I'm banking on.

By the students viewing the lecture at home (or wherever they happen to be with their mobile device), more time will be available in class for problem practice, SMART Board activities, and vocabulary review. One-on-one teacher time and collaborating with group members will happen daily. With this extra time and assistance, students can't go wrong....right?

Since flipping the classroom is taking the traditional classroom and switching everything around, students should enjoy this change up to learning. The lecture videos will be viewed outside of class and can be watched as many times as necessary. Collaborating with the group on activities in the classroom and on Twitter outside of the classroom, I would think, is more desirable than listening to a lecture in class and then completing problems at home.

Today I recorded my third and last video lecture for chapter 1, using Screencast-O-Matic. I shared that video to my Wikispaces site, where the students will view the videos. Also, a more detailed explanation relating to chapter 1 was shared from ShowMe to Wikispaces. We are getting closer to flipping out in Mrs. L's accounting room this year, it should be fun!