Tuesday, January 24, 2012

QR Codes....Better Late than Never

QR Codes, Better Late than Never

I was introduced to QR Codes months ago by @jdog90 and @mrbadura. It was information that I shoved aside because I didn’t think I had time to figure out how to read them, how to create them, let alone how to use them in the classroom. Big mistake.

For the record, it took me less than one minute to download the ShopSavvy QR Code reader on my iPad. It took me less than 10 seconds to read the QR Code on my phone sent from @barkupatree. Three minutes was how long it took me to download and create my own code at qrcode.kaywa.com. After attending #yorkdukes12 Professional Development Day, I took the list of resources shared by @lherr and within 10 minutes had several ideas for the classroom. So much for the time concern I had.

My first project was a QR Code projected on our own Centura Vision and printed on the basketball roster for our home games. We have used this code for one game and plan to continue it’s publication. The code contains a link to our district Facebook page, hopefully the crowd will friend us.

The next is a project in progress that @idreamhopelove is creating for her Partnership with Business Report for FBLA. She has created QR Codes to be placed on the business website that she created and more codes will be found on business brochures and flyers. “It’s a cool way to advertise using technology,” stated Andrea.

Nope, I didn’t jump at the chance to understand these codes when they were first brought to my attention. It is one of those mistakes that when I look back on it now, I just have to enjoy the fact that I learned about the QR Codes....better late than never. 

Look for Andrea with the code below.


  1. I am so excited to see the (new & improved) athletic program. Great job Centura Technology Department and Andrea!

  2. Thanks i_teach_history. It won't be long and we'll be seeing them all over your classroom too!